This may be a weird question, because I already have this setup in my dotfiles somewhere, I just don't know how to tell a friend to set it up in their dotfiles.

I want to know how to get a nice git diff displayed in your gitcommit file, whenever you compose a git commit message with vim. Here are my dotfiles if that helps. I couldn't find the answer online and it was hard to search without knowing what to search for.

enter image description here

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This behavior seems to come from calling git commit -v or git commit --verbose. Not sure where you're doing that in your dotfiles, but I'd recommend telling him to set an alias in his git config that does that.


Additionally, Do try out committia.vim, a plugin for writing a commit message. When git commiting, it splits the window and shows the diff and status window very nicely.


Alternatively you can use Tim Pope's fugitive.vim. It provides :Gcommit which is a wrapper around git commit (So you can do :Gcommit --verbose).

Probably the more preferred way would be to use :Gstatus and execute cvc. Then just create your commit message and then save and quit (I use :x).

For more help with fugitive.vim I recommend Vimcasts episodes mentioned in this article: The Fugitive Series - a retrospective.

For more help see:

:h :Gcommit
:h :Gstatus

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