I use the :oldfiles command a lot, but it's annoying that it gets populated with things like terminal or help buffers. My understanding is that any buffer for which a mark exist will be listed by the command, so if I close Neovim while the focus is on a help or terminal buffer, I will see those next time on the lists.

I know I can use the r option of the ShaDa file to filter out some paths by a prefix, but I wonder if there's a wider solution, after all I just care about files whose buftype is empty


In the end I wrote a function that wipes out all buffers whose type is help, which is executed by the VimLeavePre event, i.e. right before the ShaDa file is written

  • Please also include the relevant code in the post so it remains self-contained
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Jul 28 at 11:30

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