While reading the code of some plugins, I found the key <special> being used.

Typing :h <special>, :h <Special> or :h <SPECIAL> yields nothing. I tried to search for it (/\c<special>) in :h map, but found nothing. Neither did I find any reference of it online.

What does it do?

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The answer is at :help :map-<special> (or :help :map-special, which is easier to type):

                        *:map-<special>* *:map-special*
Define a mapping with <> notation for special keys, even though the "<" flag
may appear in 'cpoptions'.  This is useful if the side effect of setting
'cpoptions' is not desired.  Example: >
    :map <special> <F12> /Header<CR>

Some values for cpoptions will not allow <> notation for keys, meaning they have to be entered literally (like the old vi days); e.g., you would put

map - /Header^M

where the ^M is actually a single byte inserted with Ctrl-V Enter.

A mapping with <special> fixes this even when cpoptions wouldn't allow it.

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    PS typing :help special followed by <C-d> shows some options, which is one way to find this topic; also, :helpgrep <special> gets you there almost immediately.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented Jun 19, 2021 at 18:28

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