The following command should output the string "st":

:echo matchstr('test', '\(\?<=e\).*')

However, it leads to the error mentioned in the title. Reading :h E866 didn't help much. I also tried changing the escapes in the expression (i.e. \(?<=e\).*, \(\?\<=e\).*, \(?\<=e\).*, etc...), but to no avail.

What's wrong with my usage of ?<=, and how may I fix it?


(?<=pattern) is from the perl regex dialect. In vim, this concept is spelled \%(pattern\)\@<=. So a full working example would be:

echo matchstr('test', '\(\%(e\)\@<=\).*')
" prints st

In the case where the pattern that precedes \@<= is a single atom, the inner \%() group can be omitted. For example,

echo matchstr('test', '\(e\@<=\).*')

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