Say I type ciw then it will show c then ci then blank. Is it possible to keep it there until I start a new sequence of commands? I'm assuming that since a lot of videos I see use an overlay logging key presses, this is not a feature.

  • set notimeout or set timeoutlen=10000 ... but at your own risk :)
    – Maxim Kim
    Commented Jun 11, 2021 at 17:42
  • 2
    Not sure if I misunderstood you or you misunderstood me, but I mean that once a command has been typed successfully, the text showing the characters typed disappears and I was wondering if I can preserve the text until the next command (only saying that since the 2 commands do nothing in relation to my problem).
    – Doot
    Commented Jun 11, 2021 at 18:50
  • 1
    Does this answer your question? Showing command history with showcmd
    – Rich
    Commented Jun 12, 2021 at 4:17
  • 1
    See also this answer: vi.stackexchange.com/a/16858/343 (The question is slightly different, but the answer also applies to your question.)
    – Rich
    Commented Jun 12, 2021 at 4:20


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