I have splitright set in my init.lua so that when I run :vs, the new split opens on the right. Using Neovim 0.5-HEAD, Packer follows this setting and opens its splits on the right. I would like these splits to open on the left instead.

I have tried :leftabove PackerStatus, :topleft PackerStatus, but it still opens on the right.

I also noticed that out of the different plugins I have tried so far, nvim-tree, nvim-dap-ui, and VOoM all open their splits on the left, even if splitright is set.

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You can pass custom initialization parameters to the packer.init() call to configure this specific behavior. See Custom Initialization in the README.md for more details.

In your specific case, you can change display.open_cmd, which defaults to '65vnew \\[packer\\]', to include a leftabove as a prefix.

  • I'm not very well versed in Lua, but I hope this is helpful to you... If it manages to solve your problem, feel free to edit this answer and add more details, such as the specific invocation you used and in which file you added it. Thanks!!!
    – filbranden
    Jun 8, 2021 at 16:27

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