When I try to run a file with Neovim it shows me this:


It doesn't allow me to type any input. How can I type some input using Neovim ?

This is my script for compiling:

g++ -static -DLOCAL -lm -s -x c++ -Wall -Wextra -O2 -std=c++17 -o $1 $1.cpp 

This are my commands in Neovim for compiling and running a cpp file:

autocmd filetype cpp nnoremap <F9> :w <bar> !build.sh %:r <CR> 
autocmd filetype cpp nnoremap <F10> :!./%:r<CR>

Here is my init.vim.

I have windows 10 with WSL. Thank you!


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When you run an external command using :! in NeoVim, it doesn't get connected to a terminal, which means it can't take input from the user.

From :help :! in NeoVim:

The command runs in a non-interactive shell connected to a pipe (not a terminal). Use :terminal to run an interactive shell connected to a terminal.

Note that this is NeoVim-specific. In regular Vim, running a command under :! runs in a terminal, which means it can take input from the user. This is intended behavior in NeoVim, it's that way by design.

Instead of :!, you can instead use the :terminal command to run your binary inside a NeoVim window.

For example, this command should take care of it:

autocmd filetype cpp nnoremap <silent> <buffer> <F10> :split | execute 'terminal ./%:r' | startinsert<CR>

I also added <silent> to the mapping, so that it doesn't print the Ex command before executing it (usually a good idea) and also <buffer>, since the mapping is set based on filetype, it should only apply to buffers of that specific filetype (and not be a global mapping, which would apply to all buffers and would potentially be overwritten by the mapping for the last filetype you opened.)


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