So currently I'm disabling wrap in my vim, but I remember in vim when wrap is disabled and the line is too long to display, it would add a ">" at the end of the line so you know the line isn't finished. Yet this doesn't happen when I set nowrap. Is there anyway I could achieve this? Something like following:

A very very long and not ending, single line sentence which continu >

And when press leftward if would become something like this:

< sentence which continues on and on till here, where it fully stops.

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Try :h 'list' and :h 'listchars'

set list listchars=tab:›\ ,extends:→,precedes:←,nbsp:·,trail:·
  • with list you activate > and <
  • with listchars you can change > and < to other symbols if needed, see extends and precedes parameters.

enter image description here

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