I have the following code:

com! -nargs=* ShFoldFunctions <args> fold
ShFoldFunctions syn region shFunctionOne start="^\s*[A-Za-z_0-9:,][-a-zA-Z_0-9:]*\s*()\_s*{"        end="}"
ShFoldFunctions syn region shFunctionTwo start="\%(do\)\@!\&\<[A-Za-z_0-9:,][-a-zA-Z_0-9:]*\>\s*\%(()\)\=\_s*{" end="}"

now I want to do:

let s:funcrgx = "[A-Za-z_0-9:,][-a-zA-Z_0-9:]*"
ShFoldFunctions syn region shFunctionOne start="^\s*".s:funcrgx."\s*()\_s*{" end="}"
ShFoldFunctions syn region shFunctionTwo start="\%(do\)\@!\&\<".s:funcrgx."\>\s*\%(()\)\=\_s*{" end="}"

but it does not work:

"/tmp/1.sh" 12L, 70B
Error detected while processing BufRead Autocommands for "*.sh"..function dist#ft#SetFileTypeSH[45]..dist#ft#SetFileTypeShell[21]..FileType Autocommands for
 "*"..Syntax Autocommands for "*"..function <SNR>9_SynSet[25]..script /usr/share/vim/vim82/syntax/sh.vim:
line  460:
E402: Garbage after pattern: "^\s*".b:funcrgx."\s*()\_s*{"<09><09>end="}"<09>contains=@shFunctionList<09><09> skipwhite skipnl nextgroup=shFunctionStart,shQ
E475: Invalid argument: shFunctionOne<09>matchgroup=shFunction start="^\s*".b:funcrgx."\s*()\_s*{"<09><09>end="}"<09>contains=@shFunctionList<09><09> skipwh
ite skipnl nextgroup=shFunctionStart,shQuickComment
Press ENTER or type command to continue

Can I somehow move the repeated syn start="<regex><regex>" pattern to a variable so that it's not written multiple times?


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You can use :execute {expr1} to execute the string that results from the evaluation of {expr1} as an Ex command.

execute "syn sync ...".s:funcrgx."..."

in place of syn sync ...

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