I know how to create a function:

function Something()

And how to overwrite it:

function! Something()

But how to actually remove/unset the function, so it doesn't appear at all when looking at getcompletion('*', 'function') output and such?

I also know one can always delete the function from their .vimrc or/and just reload vim, but I would prefer to do so without doing that.

Any help/feedback appreciated.

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  • Nice! feel free to mark this as duplicate (don't know if i can do it myself) :) @BLayer May 22 at 11:28
  • Alright. voted to close this for now. Thanks! @BLayer May 22 at 11:29
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    ... No problem! ...
    – B Layer
    May 22 at 11:29
  • Such problems can easily be avoided by never defining global function. Make them script-local or attached to autoload-plugin (still global in that later case, but less annoying where completion is concerned) May 22 at 12:09

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