Why is let foo = $HOME valid and let foo = $HOME/bar invalid in vimscript?

I have tried let foo = "$HOME/bar" but it is the equivalent of foo = '$HOME/bar' in shell script, $HOME is not expanded.

What is the canonical way to do the equivalent of foo = $HOME/bar (valid in shell) in vimscript?


VimScript is more of a programming language. So the following won't work just like in C.

let foo = $HOME/bar

It's division.

let foo = "$HOME/bar"

Inside quoted string only "backslashes" are pre-processed.

Therefore, you must do one of

  1. concatenation: let foo = $HOME..'/bar'
  2. printf: let foo = printf('%s/bar', $HOME)
  3. expand: let foo = expand('$HOME/bar') or let foo = expand('~/bar')
  4. substitute: let foo = substitute('$HOME/bar', '$\(\w\+\)', '\=getenv(submatch(1))', 'g')

... and so on

Note that expand() is also allowed to spawn the shell (so thing like expand('$RANDOM') could also work). Could be good or not.


You need to use explicit string concatenation here, since :let wants an expression and the /bar looks like a division by a variable named "bar".

What you want here is:

let foo = $HOME . '/bar'

Note that . is the Vim operator for string concatenation here.

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    I noticed that Matt used .. in their answer. I thought perhaps that was a typo, since I never knew of .. before. However, looking at the documentation (:h expr-..), I see: "For String concatenation '..' is preferred, since '.' is ambiguous, it is also used for |Dict| member access and floating point numbers. When |vimscript-version| is 2 or higher, using '.' is not allowed.". TIL.
    – JoL
    May 20 at 15:49
  • @JoL Yeah .. is the "new" string concatenation operator. But . still works (and I'm guessing it will still be around for a long while), so I still tend to use it (in general and in my answers here) since it should still work in older versions of Vim as well.
    – filbranden
    May 20 at 16:08

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