A PLSQL Label uses this syntax <<LABEL_NAME>> How can I highlight everything inside and including the opening and closing angle braces?

I've tried the following:

syn match  PLS_label "/[<<].*[>>]/"
syn match  PLS_label "/[<][<].*[>][>]/"
syn match  PLS_label /[<<].*[>>]/
syn match  PLS_label /[<][<].*[>][>]/

You don't need to use a character class around <, and you should probably not use a greedy .* match (would break on <<Label1>> <<Label1>>).

This worked for me:

syntax match PLS_label "<<[^>]\+>>"

(though you only get colors if you use a highlight command on PLS_label).

OP points out a region using << and >> as start and end is also possible.

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    see also :help syn-region. Thus, syntax region PLS_label start="<<" end =">>" – zundarz May 13 at 20:02

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