In netrw, I want to copy a file /dir/subdir1/file.txt to /dir/subdir2. For that, I do the following:

  1. I mark the file /dir/subdir1/file.txt
  2. I navigate up directory and mark /dir/subdir2/ as target
  3. While being in /dir/, I press mc and get the error: (netrw) there are no marked files in this window (:help netrw-mf)

However, If I navigate back to /dir/subdir1/, everything works fine. It seems like mc applies only to the files which are marked in the current directory. I find it inconvenient, and I would like to copy the files which are marked not in the current directory. Is it possible?

UPDATE (30 April): I found out that the same behavior holds (unsurprisingly) for mx and mz.


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