I am using VIM Renamer plugin to bulk rename files,
I want to replace

E008_r5_Haz_Area_Class NAT GAS.pdf
E010_r4_Haz_Area_Class MP STEAM.pdf


E008_NG_Hazd Area Class_R2.pdf
E009_MDEA_Hazd Area Class_R4.pdf
E010_SYNGAS _ REFRIG_Hazd Area Class_R4.pdf
E011_Reform _Hazd Area Class_R3.pdf
E012_Air Cooler_Hazd Area Class_R3.pdf
E013_Air Cooler_Hazd Area Class_R3.pdf

Process is as below,

  1. column mode, select complete line except ".pdf".
  2. column replace new names as files are in order only.
  3. Issue :Ren command to replace all file names.

I was manually doing it for single lines but I have more than 1000 files to rename. Appreciate any help here, I want to learn vim syntax but managing chemical engineering work and learning vim is too steep for me. Appreciate if I can have little explanation.

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    There's no clear pattern in the replacements, so I'm not sure I see a way to come up with a :substitute or similar command to automate this. I'm not to sure what "column mode" is—do you mean visual-block mode (the mode entered by <C-v>)? – D. Ben Knoble Apr 26 at 19:15
  • Thanks for reply, i missed to capture first line. before and after cases are same only except file name is different. Column mode is same as visual block mode. – nirag May 6 at 15:08
  • Can you be more explicit how to translate the input to the output? For example, the last line (E013_r3_Haz_Area_Class.pdf) rearranges the words in the input but also adds the words Air Cooler -- where does that come from? – Andrew Ho-Lee May 7 at 23:13

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