For example, I'm browsing the 700th line, and I typed ":456" to jump to the 456th line. Now I want to quickly return to the 700th line. Is there any shortcut key instead of typing ":700".


The jumplist (see :help jumplist) can be navigated with Ctrl-o, to go back to line 700 (and Ctrl-i would take you back to line 456 again).

If you want to be able to do this with relative jumps (i.e. after typing 7j to go seven lines down, use Ctrl-o to return to where you before the relative jump), you can use following two remaps in your .vimrc:

" store relative line number jumps in the jumplist.
nnoremap <expr> k (v:count > 1 ? "m'" . v:count : '') . 'k'
nnoremap <expr> j (v:count > 1 ? "m'" . v:count : '') . 'j'

Seems remiss1 to not mention what some would consider the fastest way to jump back to the previous line: '', i.e. just double-tap apostrophe. The nice thing is that you can bounce back and forth between two lines with the same command.

A couple things to be aware of:

  • This takes you to the first non-blank character of the previous line (as all jump-to-mark commands starting with ' do). To return to the same line and column double-tap back-tick (`) instead.
  • Like ctrl-o this only works after motions that are registered in the jumplist.

1 Just to be clear I mean remiss on the part of the community and not @mattb specifically!

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