I use set nowrap option in my config file, but when I open a file in a vertical split it has no effect.

If I redo set nowrap after open the file (in the split windows) it takes effect

Why? I try with vim and neovim with the same result.

Step to reproduce:

  1. set nowrap
  2. :vs
  3. open a file with long lines

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The answer is in the doc :h 'wrap':

'wrap'          boolean (default on)
                local to window

The option is local to a window so setting it in your vimrc has no effect to your windows.

You probably want to set the option for a specific file type either in an autocommand :h autocmd

augroup NoWrap
    autocmd Filetype markdown set nowrap
augroup END

or (and this is a better solution) in a ftplugin :h ftplugin

  • For me the better solution is open all file with nowrap so I set autocmd Filetype * set nowrap in vimrc file Apr 2, 2021 at 9:53

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