I am figuring out a way to apply linting to a visual selection of code. For example:

enter image description here

I only want to lint run :ALEFix on that section of code, and not the 100s (or 1000s) of lines of other code in the file. My first thought was doing something like:

  • Copy the visual selection. y
  • Option a new file and paste that in. :vs tmp
  • Run :AleFix on that shortened file.
  • Copy-all: ggVG"*y
  • Close that file :q!
  • Do gv to re-highlight the visual selection at the start.
  • Paste in the copy-buffer p

What might be a better way to do that? And if the above seems like it might be the best way, what might be a clean function to do that with? (I'll try writing one myself as well...)

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A little rough around the edges, but here is what I came up with (which I've tested and works for me):

function _AleVisualSelection()
    normal! gvy
    vs tmp
    ALEFix black
    normal! ggVG
    sleep 300m

vnoremap    0   <Esc>:call _AleVisualSelection()<CR>y:q!<CR>gvp

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