My distribution comes with a minimal version of Vim. vim --vesrion returns -clipboard, so the * and + registers interact (copy/paste) with the primary and clipboard do not work.

The resources I've found suggest installing Gvim to solve that, e.g. vim-athena or vim-gtk3 packages in Debian, but I will never use it.

Can I get Vim with clipboard but with no GUI?


Building Vim from the source with the right flags is the general solution.

git clone https://github.com/vim/vim.git
cd vim/src
./configure --with-x=yes --disable-gui

The last command will probably raise an error message, which means you need to install dependencies. Experienced users know how to proceed, but if it's your first time on this, bad news is there isn't a magic solution, you need to track down the dependencies with your package manager or a search engine and keep trying the last line. In Debian and Ubuntu,

apt build-dep vim

will solve a great deal of those.

Once ./configure succeeds,

make -j9

and if all the dependencies were satisfied, you can finally install it, but first uninstall your current Vim package, if any. As root,

apt remove vim  #for Debian/Ubuntu
make install

See also: Installing Vim help page.

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