Quite often, when using CTRL-O to jump back to an older position, vim takes me to other files I've been editing previously. Is there a command, to go back within the jumplist just in the current file?

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There is command that is close to what you need: g; will bring you back to older change position, g, will go forward to newer change position .

List of change position can be displayed with :changes.


My EnhancedJumps plugin offers separate special mappings that restrict the jump targets to only local locations (in the same buffer) and remote locations (only in other buffers).

  • Your answer is probably the correct one to my question, but tivn's answer feels more like the vim-way of accomplishing what I need to do. Thanks anyway!
    – SkWob
    Commented Apr 28, 2015 at 10:00

Yes, backtick-backtick:


goes back to the previous mark (but only the previous mark) in the current buffer.

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