When entering or doing any command mode modifications to a read only file for the first time you will get the warning

W10: Warning: Changing a readonly file

That's fine, but this also introduces a second or two delay before the action actually happens.

Is there a way to disable this delay?


Short version: there is no way to disable this, or to shorten the 1 second timeout :-( The good news is that you can just start typing while this message is being displayed, the characters are still inserted.

Longer version: from misc1.c:

    if (msg_silent == 0 && !silent_mode)
        ui_delay(1000L, TRUE); /* give the user time to think about it */

The msg_silent is set when using :silent, for example :s/./a/ will give the warning, but :silent s/./a/ won't. There is, as far as I can see, no way to start insert mode silently (:silent startinsert doesn't work).

silent_mode is set with -s, from vim(1):

   -s          Silent  mode.   Only  when started as "Ex" or when the "-e"
               option was given before the "-s" option.

But as the help message says, this only works when using Vim as ex, and not when using it as vim.


You could simply :set noro before doing the modification. This should prevent the warning.


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