Inspecting some of Vim's features listed by vim --version I have noticed some obscure ones, for example, balloon_eval, balloon_eval_term and footer.

There is an example in the documentation to test the balloons (if curious, see :h balloon_show), but almost nothing is said about the footer, only that it is also related to debuggers and that it can be enabled with :set guioptions+=F.

The command displays a footer at the bottom of the window, but I am clueless about how to interact with it. The search engine has also failed me, it seems some people use the term to designate the statusbar... Can anyone share a minimal example that involves the footer? This is out of sheer curiosity, but maybe this will be useful for debuggers developers too.

Note: I did compile Vim with Motif for my tests. The footer does show up after :se go+=F and :echo has("footer") returns 1. But I don't know how to interact with it.


"Footer" is a predefined widget's class from Motif library. The only machine I ever saw this stuff live was an old UltraSparc workstation running Sun Solaris 9 (CDE) circa 10 years ago. Never tried to code anything for it though.

It looks like "Footer" in Motif is nothing more than "StatusBar" for other platforms. GVim "Motif"-build uses it to display "status bar messages" instead of "balloon hints" under the tool bar as in Windows or GTK builds. So nothing really fancy.


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