I've opened the files I want to diff using the following command:

C:\temp\robocopyTasks>vim -c "edit ++enc=ucs-2le" -d C:\temp\robocopyTasks\acl\tasks_temp.txt C:\temp\robocopyTasks\acl\tasks_win.txt

But the file encoding is only set on the first file that is opened, and not on the second one; is there any way to do this from the command line?


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The edit ++enc=ucs-2le [filename] only applies to the current file; when multiple are passed on the command-line, that's the last opened one. You could open the other with :diffsplit ++enc=ucs-2le file2, but in this case, it's shorter to augment the 'fileencodings' option:

vim --cmd "set fileencodings^=ucs-2le" -d icacls.txt icacls2.txt

This allows you to keep the -d argument for diff mode, and avoids duplication of the encoding name.


You can apply a command to all buffers by using bufdo

vim -c "bufdo edit ++enc=ucs-2le" -d a.txt b.txt
  • That just causes unnecessary buffer reloads; better open the files with the right encoding from the start. Commented Apr 17, 2015 at 14:32

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