I created the following mapping.

vmap <leftmouse> <cmd>echom getchar()<cr>

I then enter visual mode, switch to select mode by pressing <c-g>, and then drag the mouse.

After exiting visual mode, and entering :messages, I see the following output:


This occurs in Vim and Neovim.

This is intended as a minimal example to reproduce a character I saw in a different context for a Neovim plugin I've developed.

I'd like to add handling, but I'm not sure which keycode this corresponds to or what string representation I can use (e.g., "\<keycode>") for comparison.

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The escape sequence <80><f5>X corresponds to <K_SPECIAL> <KS_SELECT> <KE_FILLER>. This is used internally by Vim to enable the Select mode after a mapping or menu is executed. You can refer to the following:

https://github.com/vim/vim/blob/master/src/getchar.c#L2667 https://github.com/vim/vim/blob/master/src/keymap.h#L88

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