I've enabled mouse and clipboard and ... something else:

set mouse=a
set clipboard+=autoselect guioptions+=a

That's almost perfect, but I want it so that when I left click it moves the cursor and enters insert mode. I tried this:

set mouse=a
set clipboard+=autoselect guioptions+=a
nnoremap <LeftMouse> i

But then it enters insert mode without moving the cursor.

I'm sure this should be obvious... but I'm just shooting in the dark - true stackoverflow-driven-development style. I have no idea what to even search for.

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Fortunately, a solution is fairly simple

nnoremap <LeftMouse> <LeftMouse>i

This leverages the "nore" part of nnoremap, allowing you to use the built-in functionality of the map on the right-hand-side while overriding it via left-hand-side.

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