I am using the fzf plugin which has a command called :Windows. Very often I type :W instead of :w when trying to write and it is very annoying. I would like to remove the command, since I do not use it very much, and have tried putting

delcommand Windows

in my vimrc which did not work, E184: No such user-defined command: Windows so I tried put it in the after directory because to my knowledge, vim processes stuff there after plugins have been loaded. But that did not work either. Any thoughts ?

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While I'm not entirely sure deleting this command is a great idea you can do it using an autocommand like this in your vimrc:

augroup deletePluginCommand
    autocmd VimEnter * delcommand Windows
augroup END

If you are not familiar with autocommands, they are a way to trigger some code on an event (see :h autocmd) and here we use the event VimEnter which is trigger once all the initialization scripts are done (:h VimEnter).

EDIT With a solution which seems less intrusive to me:

Maybe instead of deleting the command you could use another trick:

cnoreabbrev <expr> W (getcmdtype() == ':' && getcmdline() =~ '^W$')? 'w' : 'W'

This command line abbreviation will replace W by w in the command line only if the content of the command line is W this way when you use :W you will not trigger :Windows but :w instead.

  • @FirstUser You already accepted my answer but maybe you should check my edit, I think it is a better solution than deleting the command altogether because maybe one day :Windows will be useful to you.
    – statox
    Mar 17, 2021 at 18:26

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