I'm trying to answer a question in U&L, which involves a very complex and long regex substitution.

I would like to copy to clipboard the command, or save it in a file, so I don't have to make a transcription, prone to errors.


:s/foo/bar/ ← command to copy

Is this possible?

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  • @D.BenKnoble Thanks! This is my second question though :) Mar 9 at 16:52
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To past the content of a register you can prefix your p command with "[register_name], that's what ["x] mean in ["x]p in :h p:

["x]p       Put the text [from register x] after the cursor
            [count] times.

You command is stored in the : register: If you want to put it in a buffer you can do ":p, and after that you can handle it like any text in any register.

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    What I usually do is after testing a vim command, copying it to the clipboard in order to paste it into stackexchange. So after running the vim ex command, storing it in the clipboard using :let @+=@: Mar 9 at 16:05
  • Good way to do it indeed. Personnaly I prefer to confirm what I'm doing by pasting in a scratch buffer but your version is more efficient.
    – statox
    Mar 9 at 16:17

If the command you wanted to copy wasn't the last one, it can be helpful to open the command-line window with q: or :<C-f>. Then you can do, e.g., "*yy or :yank + or however you prefer.

(Personally, I use my pbcopy plugin to yank to the clipboard with <C-y>; mapping is configurable, though it does always use the * register.)

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