I haven't been able to find any syntax highlighting for MIPS assembly language. I have CoC installed, but I don't think it supports MIPS. Is there any other plugin that I could use for basic syntax highlighting and auto-completion?

I am currently using neovim v0.4.4

  • Google "vim mips" and first 4 or 5 results are for vim syntax highlighting for MIPS.
    – B Layer
    Mar 2 at 0:14
  • Right, I have tried a few of those and they didn't work in neovim. Can you please enlighten me on how they are configured? Mar 2 at 0:52
  • "Doesn't work" is not really helpful. How doesn't it work? Regardless, most of the time it can be as simple as "put {filetype}.vim in your $HOME/.vim/syntax folder" (or equivalent). In your case mips.vim. Like it says under Installation here: github.com/harenome/vim-mipssyntax
    – B Layer
    Mar 2 at 1:09
  • I can't think of any particular reason why neovim wouldn't be able to handle any syntax file. That's a fundamental compatibility area, AFAIK.
    – B Layer
    Mar 2 at 1:17
  • Welcome to Vi and Vim!
    – filbranden
    Mar 2 at 18:17

Sure. I built one for my class last semester: benknoble/vim-mips

You get syntax highlighting, include and define searches, and comment niceties out-of-the-box. Support for ALE/:make is a goal but hasn’t been implemented yet.

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