When I use :cd command in gvim it allows to complete the directories with a simple Tab press. However with :o command I only get ^I.

How can I migrate the same bahavior from :cd to :o?

  • As usual: :help :o.
    – romainl
    Feb 4 '15 at 14:19

The :o command does something completely different, where tabs wouldn't really make sense:

This command is in Vi, but Vim only simulates it:

                                                    *:o* *:op* *:open*
:[range]o[pen]              Works like |:visual|: end Ex mode.
                            {Vi: start editing in open mode}

:[range]o[pen] /pattern/    As above, additionally move the cursor to the
                            column where "pattern" matches in the cursor

Vim does not support open mode, since it's not really useful.  For those
situations where ":open" would start open mode Vim will leave Ex mode, which
allows executing the same commands, but updates the whole screen instead of
only one line.

For example, try pressing Q (that is, Shift+q). Then type o in the prompt. You should be back in normal mode. Now insert "This is some text" onto your current line, press Q again, and type o /x/. You should be back in normal mode, with your cursor on the x.

Using :o with a filename appears to work the same way as :e. However, I wouldn't rely on this, since it appears to be undocumented.


Vim only includes the :o[pen] command for legacy reasons. The command you're looking for is :e[dit], which has all the completion behavior you would expect.

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