I'm on Windows using gVim, Vim version: 8.2.2003. I get a warning pop-up with the following error message:

Some language features are not available. To access all features, enable [strictTemplates](https://angular.io/guide/angular-compiler-options#stricttemplates) in [angularCompilerOptions](https://angular.io/guide/angular-compiler-options).

1Open tsconfig.json

Is there a way to suppress this error message?

It is particularly annoying as it will show multiple times throughout a session as the background process that triggers it runs.

I know this is being generated by the coc-angular extension for the coc.nvim plugin. I know I could also enable the strictTemplates compiler option that is suggested. However, there are a number of files that fail the strict checks so I'd like to leave that setting off for the time being. I'm fine with a coc specific or general solution to this.

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