I have a terminal command which runs code with a breakpoint in it. When I run this command in NeoVim the code execution does not stop at the breakpoint, instead I get an error, that its not a TTY terminal. The exact same command stops at the breakpoint in Vim.

I guess I need shell command, which was removed in NeoVim. Is there any other way to run it?

:help :terminal shows:

Removed. vim-differences

:terminal :te :te[rminal][!] [{cmd}]
Run {cmd} in a non-interactive 'shell' in a new terminal-emulator buffer. Without {cmd}, start an interactive 'shell'.

Type i to enter Terminal-mode, then keys are sent to the job running in the terminal. Type <C-\><C-N> to leave Terminal-mode. CTRL-\_CTRL-N

Update: I have this simple hello_world.py python3 program and I want to make it print "Hello world" (variable name value has to be changed to "world" in the breakpoint:

def hello_world():
    name = None
    print(f'Hello {name}')

When I try to execute :!python3 hello_world.py program in the NeoVim I get this output:

:!python3 hello_world.py
> /home/niekas/cct/individual-thematics-api/backend/tmp.py(4)hello_world()
-> print(f'Hello {name}')
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "hello_world.py", line 6, in <module>
  File "hello_world.py", line 4, in hello_world
    print(f'Hello {name}')
  File "hello_world.py", line 4, in hello_world
    print(f'Hello {name}')
  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/bdb.py", line 88, in trace_dispatch
    return self.dispatch_line(frame)
  File "/usr/lib/python3.8/bdb.py", line 113, in dispatch_line
    if self.quitting: raise BdbQuit

shell returned 1

Press ENTER or type command to continue

Update: I have tried using :!bash -ic ipython to test if interactive mode works, but it doesn't. IPython exited automatically, see the output:

:!bash -ic ipython
bash: cannot set terminal process group (5377): Inappropriate ioctl for device
bash: no job control in this shell
^[[22;0t^[]0;IPython: individual-thematics-api/backendPython 3.8.5 (default, Jul 28 2020, 12:59:40)
Type 'copyright', 'credits' or 'license' for more information
IPython 7.20.0 -- An enhanced Interactive Python. Type '?' for help.

In [1]: Do you really want to exit ([y]/n)?
Press ENTER or type command to continue
  • 3
    You’ll need :terminal in neovim for interactive commands.
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Feb 23, 2021 at 13:32
  • @D.BenKnoble I have tried :terminal, however it does not start in interactive mode if I provide a command. I don't know how to automatically provide a command for terminal, which was started without a command.
    – niekas
    Feb 23, 2021 at 14:24
  • 1
    Actually, the shell is non-interactive, but you can still interact with the command (eg, :terminal python3 is still a python repl). You may have to press i, as you quoted in the post. Without a command, it should just launch a shell—bash, zsh, whatever windows is doing these days, etc. Then you type a shell command—such as the name of a program and its arguments. Maybe you should edit and show how you run the command in vim and neovim and what output you are getting/how its not working?
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Feb 23, 2021 at 14:43
  • If it complains about tty not being a terminal than , the command probably should be run in interactive mode. Try :!bash -ic 'your command ' if you are on bash shell. Or :!zsh -ic 'your command' for zsh shell Feb 23, 2021 at 15:03
  • @JustKhaithang :!bash -ic ipython didn't start in interactive mode for me. See the output in the update question.
    – niekas
    Feb 24, 2021 at 7:07

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Short answer: use :terminal {command} for interactive stuff.

Long answer: neovim’s :! actually communicates via subprocesses and the commands are not directly interactive due to the way the IO streams are handled. :terminal is envisioned as the replacement for this, since it does use a TTY and is interactive.


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