I am using davidhalter/jedi-vim plugin to navigate through Python definitions. If a definition is in the same file, the cursor is placed at the top or bottom of the screen. In these cases I usually press zz to center the view. I wonder is it possible to automatically execute zz after each jump?

Jedi-vim has this option:

let g:jedi#goto_command = "<leader>d"

But I guess its not the place where I should do the change to add zz after that command.

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If you look at the plugin's code you'll find that the mapping is done like this:

execute 'nnoremap <buffer> '.g:jedi#goto_command.' :call jedi#goto()<CR>'

So what you can do is override that with your own ftplugin (:h ftplugin) and your own mapping. You could create ~/.vim/after/ftplugin/python.vim this is a file which will be executed when a buffer has the filetype python set. In this file you can reuse the original mapping but add zz at the end:

execute 'nnoremap <buffer> '.g:jedi#goto_command.' :call jedi#goto()<CR>zz'

And that should do what you want.

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