Occasionally I absentmindedly type :w when I'm reading something. This causes the modification time of the file to change and sometimes causes my build system to unnecessarily rebuild a substantial chunk of a project.

Is there a way to set vim to simply not do anything if I try to write a file and it hasn't been changed?

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Extending @lcd047's answer you can use cabbrev to modify w

:cabbrev w <c-r>=(getcmdtype()==':' && getcmdpos()==1 ? 'up' : 'w')<CR>

When you type :w you will notice that it will be replaced with :up when you press return.


Not directly (that is, the behaviour of :w can't be changed), but you can learn to use :up instead of :w. It does exactly what you want.

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    Just let me add: I use a favourite keymapping for saving, and I have bound to it :update instead of :write to obtain the Original Poster requirement. Commented Apr 14, 2015 at 21:10

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