Normally you would compile java using this:

javac Hello.java
java Hello

Under certain conditions you can compile from Vim by just typing :make by placing this in .vimrc

autocmd Filetype java set makeprg=java\ %

Recently it hasn't been working though.

I've figured out that the path is the problem. How do I include it in my vimrc? I'm not sure exactly what the semantics behind that would be.

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    Welcome (back) to Vi and Vim! Can you please edit to explain it doesn't work? (PS the only reason java % would work is the relatively new "java as scripts" thing where you don't have to compile single-file programs ahead-of-time. In more complicated projects that simply won't work.)
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Feb 11, 2021 at 17:49

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To compile with javac filename.java, then use javac %. (+the backslash)

If you want to execute java filename without the extension, then use java %< .

Note, there is exists a :compiler javac that also change the 'errorformat' option, but it won't inject the current filename, you'd have to compile with :make %

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