set guicursor=n:blinkwait5-blinkon5-blinkoff5 has no effect.

Why is that?


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    If this is Vim and not GVim, then you might need to change your terminal settings to change the cursor blink... Not sure if you'd be able to tweak that for Vim only and not other programs running on the terminal... – filbranden Feb 10 at 23:55

:set guicursor& should restore cursor defaults in GVim.

Edit: To change the blink rate try using guicursor=a instead of guicursor=n like this :

:set guicursor=a:blinkwait5-blinkon5-blinkoff5

This will ONLY work in GVim, not Vim.

  • But how do I set a custom blinkwait, blinkon, and blinkoff time for the guicursor`? – Sebastian Nielsen Feb 10 at 20:30
  • It still doesn't work: mp4. It is supposed to blink faster than what it does in the video ... right? – Sebastian Nielsen Feb 10 at 20:51
  • @SebastianNielsen Right. On my system it blinks incredibly fast but it only works on GVim not Vim. – bashBedlam Feb 10 at 21:04
  • oh, I see, any idea on how to apply it on vim? – Sebastian Nielsen Feb 10 at 21:05
  • @SebastianNielsen I don't think that you can apply it to Vim. The GUI in guicursor stands for Graphical User Interface... That's GVim... Graphical Vim. – bashBedlam Feb 10 at 21:09

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