Set up

  • Left (L) and right (R) are two vertically split windows displaying the same file.
  • No other windows exist in the tab.
  • The uppermost displayed line in L is x (Lx) and the uppermost line in R is y (Ry).
  • The focused window is denoted by an asterisk (*L or *R).


I am looking for a normal mode map to do this:

  1. If L has focus: Change *Lx Ry into *Lx Rx.
  2. If R has focus: Change Lx *Ry into Ly *Ry.

I.e., I want the offset between the windows to be zero.


syncbind almost solves the problem, but since it requires both windows to have scrollbind set, and I rarely have it set, things get more complicated. windo would apparently solve it:

noremap <F11> :windo set scb<bar>syncbind<CR>:windo set noscb<CR>

But although it works properly for case 2, it fails for case 1 because it shifts focus to the right window.

  • The focus shift is probably from windo. You could save the current winnr() and use execute winnr 'wincmd w' or similar
    – D. Ben Knoble
    Commented Feb 10, 2021 at 14:06
  • 1
    @D.BenKnoble Indeed, I hadn't looked at :h windo: "The last window (or where an error occurred) becomes the current window". I will give it a try. I only wish we had a syncbind! to remove the offset of all windows regardless of scrollbind...
    – Quasímodo
    Commented Feb 10, 2021 at 14:08

1 Answer 1

noremap <expr> <F11> winnr()==1 ?
    \ ':windo set scb<CR><C-W><C-W>:syncbind<CR>:windo set noscb<CR><C-W><C-W>' :
    \ ':windo set scb<bar>syncbind<CR>:windo set noscb<CR>'

I have a strong feeling this solution exceedingly verbose and can probably be optimized, but it does the job.

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