To get the count of a string I usually do something a bit hack-ish such as the following:

  1. Do a :%substitution on the string in question, such as:

    # how many times does the string "<Item " occur in the file?
    :%s/\<Item //g
  2. Read the output:

    2009 substitutions on 2009 lines
  3. Do an undo to go back to the original state of things.


Is there a more straightforward way to get the count of occurrences of a string in vim?

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    Would the function searchcount() work for you?
    – Mass
    Feb 9 at 20:13
  • @Mass sure, I've never heard of that before. Want to post a brief answer showing an example and a link to docs for it?
    – David542
    Feb 9 at 21:38

The idiomatic answer is


Mass mentions searchcount() which returns a dictionary of interesting items. You'll need to set the last search pattern, though (e.g., / or write to @/), or pass pattern in the options to the function.

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