I am new to Vim.

I recently installed the YouCompleteme (YCM) plugin, and realized it would be great if I could complete font-names. Let's say I type fn:, it should bring up a popup menu to help me complete the name of font.

Let's say I can write a script to fill a text file like described here with all font names. Or even better, if Vim has an internal mechanism to find fonts installed on the system, it would source it from there.

The ideal solution would be fast (YCM solution welcome), and additionally also replace string fn: itself with the font name. I plan to use it in .tex files while plugin vimtex is loaded & active, or when I am editing any other file where I need to specify the font name (.css file, or some terminal config file, etc).

Also, fast is ideal because I have a lot of google-fonts on my system. A bonus will be an optional fuzzy search in completion.


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