I just wrote a function which tries to call another function, but I got the syntax wrong. However, I was horrified to see that the next line in my function happily started executing anyway. It is as if every line of my vimscript function has a try-catch around it; oh no! How do I disable this?

For example, try running :call AmendCommit("098ajwe")<CR>. After the failure of the call to FixupCommit, the next line still tries to execute!

fu! FixupCommit(commit_hash)
  execute "Git commit --fixup=" . a:commit_hash

fu! AmendCommit(commit_hash)
  execute "Git rebase --autosquash " . a:commit_hash . "~1"

See :h :func-abort, like

function! AmendCommit(commit_hash) abort

This is recommended practice in the current version of VimScript.

In Vim9Script "abort" is planned to be the default behaviour, and so the word "abort" won't be needed/supported.

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