I've been trying to get the vim-pandoc plugin to play nice with markdown nvim, and have not been successful in finding help so far. The trouble seems to be that vim-pandoc sets markdown files to be recognised by vim as pandoc files which prevents the vim-markdown plugin from running syntax highlighting etc. In any case, as soon as install the vim-pandoc plugin, my syntax highlighting goes out the door in markdown. If only I could get vim-pandoc not to do this, I'd be all set. It looks like this is the way to achieve this result:

let g:pandoc#filetypes#pandoc_markdown = 0

By default, the above is set to 1, but setting it to 0 has not helped. If anyone has any ideas about how to proceed, I'd greatly appreciate the help. The issue I'm having has also been raised in the vim-pandoc GitHub issue 70 and issue 382, but none of the suggestions there seem to help. What I've settled for instead is using the vim-pandoc-syntax plugin as well, simply accepting that all the other markdown plugins won't work as expected. One feature I really miss is where you have a list and it auto generates the next bullet point etc., when you create a new line in the list. The vim-pandoc-syntax plugin which is supposed to pair with vim-pandoc does not have this set be default, and I'm not sure how to get it to reproduce the autogenerate list item functionality that I used to have. I've even considered adding this bullets plugin, but it feels like the better option would be to prevent vim-pandoc from getting in the way of my original markdown plugin which was working great. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    Welcome to Vi and Vim! Have you tried putting the :let before :filetype on? Re: bullets, have a look at :help 'formatoptions' and :help 'formatlistpat' – D. Ben Knoble Feb 1 at 20:29

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