In a netrw listing, when I press - key to go up a directory, I would like the cursor placed on the line corresponding to the dir I have just left (exactly how happens on some file managers, e.g. Nemo).

For example: I'm in a directory named 'foo', I press - and on the listing of parent dir, the cursor is placed on the line corresponding to 'foo/'.

Is there a way to instruct netrw to do so?


After some attempts, I found a tailored solution which works for me (feel free to improve on it).

I save the name of current directory, go up dir, then search the name of saved cwd (with trailing /) to place the cursor on previous directory name line.
Also I mapped this key-sequence to the <Backspace> key (to be active on a netrw buffer only).

Here is the line I added to my .vimrc file:

au FileType netrw nmap <buffer> <Backspace> :let @z=expand("%:t")<CR>-/\<<C-R>=@z<CR>/\><CR>


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