I want to write a mapping that does feedkeys(":cd " . getcwd()), waits for me to edit the directory and then press enter, and then runs a command such as :Rg from the fzf plugin.

I tried doing this:

function! Rg_choose_dir()
    call feedkeys(":cd " . getcwd())

but that has the effect of :Rg with the argument to feedkeys as the pattern. How can I get the behaviour I want?


You might be able to make this work with feedkeys, but it's usually hard/brittle to do so.

I would recommend using something input(':cd ', getcwd(), 'dir') to get the directory as input (with directory completion and getcwd() as the default), run the cd, and then do the :Rg:

execute 'cd' input(':cd ', getcwd(), 'dir')

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