From :h autocmd-events:

You can specify a comma-separated list of event names.  No white space can be
used in this list.  The command applies to all the events in the list.

From :h {pat}:

The {pat} argument can be a comma separated list.  This works as if the
command was given with each pattern separately.  Thus this command:
    :autocmd BufRead *.txt,*.info set et
Is equivalent to:
    :autocmd BufRead *.txt set et
    :autocmd BufRead *.info set et

However, it seems that not all events match {pat} against the file name: I've just discovered, for instance, the existence of OptionSet, which matches {pat} against an option name.

I'm therefore curious to know how multiple events and multiple patters in a single autocmd interact. In other words, I wondering if I can use a single autocmd instead of two in the following group:

augroup DiffMappings
  autocmd BufEnter * :call SetDiffMappings()
  autocmd OptionSet diff :call SetDiffMappings()
augroup end

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The answer is very obvious indeed: it works as dumb Cartesian product. In fact, "commas" are there only to save a few keystrokes.

What it means in practice: autocmd BufEnter,OptionSet *,diff : is syntactically valid nonsense.

  • I was hoping in a component-wise product. Thanks :)
    – Enlico
    Commented Jan 30, 2021 at 8:53

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