I have this global at the top of my .vimrc:

let DevEnv = { 'enabled' : 0, 'open_dirs' : 0, 'term_bufnr' : 0 }

One of my .vimrc functions calls:

exec 'bd! ' . g:DevEnv.term_bufnr

Note that g:DevEnv.term_bufnr has been updated to a non-zero value at one point by another function so that it contains a valid buffer number.

This line works as intended and closes the buffer which is saved at g:DevEnv.term_bufnr, BUT, when I run :echo errmsg, I get the aforementioned error. Commenting out this line fixes it. Why am I getting this error if everything works as intended? Have I misused something?

Also, this only seems to show that message if I run bd!. Using echo does not display it.

I tried passing g:DevEnv.term_bufnr through a proxy by doing:

let asd = g:DevEnv.term_bufnr
exec 'bd! ' . asd

Which, also gave the error after the second line was executed. I can only guess it has something to do with the internal workings of bdelete.

  • In your example, you don't initialize DevEnv as a global, could that be the problem? – Biggybi Jan 23 at 19:35
  • It's in the top of my .vimrc, is that not the same? – daedsidog Jan 23 at 19:59
  • I don't think so! – Biggybi Jan 23 at 20:25
  • I tried it, and it made no difference. – daedsidog Jan 23 at 20:42
  • Try using g:DevEnv['term_bufnr'] or 'bd! ' .. g:DevEnv.term_bufnr with :scriptversion 2 if your Vim is new enough. I think you may be running in to the ". is ambiguous problem". See :help scriptversion-2. – Martin Tournoij Jan 23 at 20:54

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