I'm using Neovim and my init.vim has a quick save mapping as below

nmap <leader>w :w!<cr>

Since i installed vim-wiki, there's a noticeable delay in the execution of w because of vim-wiki mapping ww.

I tried removing the mapping with

nunmap <leader>ww

and also tried

nmap <leader>vw <leader>ww

but the delay persists. I use the quick save quite often so the delay is a bit annoying.

Is there a way to remove or remap it to

nmap <leader>vw :VimwikiIndex

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Two options:

  • map to the <Plug> sequence for the command you need yourself (vimwiki won't create the mappings if it detects that you already did)
" :help vimwiki-global-mappings
" :help vimwiki-local-mappings
nmap <leader>vw <Plug>VimwikiIndex

I don't like this solution because there are a lot of <leader>w mappings, and any one of them is going to conflict with yours and cause a delay.

  • Change vimwiki's prefix:
" :help g:vimwiki_map_prefix
let g:vimwiki_map_prefix = '<leader>v'

A third option that requires more work is to build your own wiki system. My plugin wiki-md attempts to make this easy by leveraging a bunch of vim builtins. More info provided if desired, but I will note that wiki-md provides more of a skeleton on which you build your own features; it doesn't come with everything out of the box that something like vimwiki does.

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