I installed spf13-vim on OS X and when I started do edit a file I get the following errors:

Error detected while processing function neosnippet#init#_initialize

Cannot create directory: /Users/.../.cache/neosnippet

I suspect that the error is raised because neosnippet plugin does not have permissions to write in the .cache directory.

Anybody can help me to fix that?

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    Does the user you're logged in as have permissions to write in the .cache directory? Does that directory exist? Have you tried creating it? – Rich Apr 14 '15 at 13:39

If It isn't able to read/write to that directory, there are configuration settings to change the cache directory. According to the neosnippet documentation, you can choose the cache directory using the g:neosnippet#data_directory variable. Like so:

let g:neosnippet#data_directory = "/path/to/cache/"
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