As reported in this post, I've upgraded to ubuntu 20.04, and am seeing anomalous behavior in vim.basic

In addition to the one reported there, I'm now having problems with the noesckeys setting. My setup is vanilla, with having turned off my ~/.vimrc file.

When noesckeys is enabled, if I try to change helloworld to helloWorld by putting the cursor at the w and typing rW, the string is changed to helloWORLD. When I :set esckeys, I get the expected behavior. Can anybody duplicate this in 20.04, and if so, explain it please?

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    as mentioned on your other post, this might be a terminal issue. – Christian Brabandt Jan 18 at 10:12
  • I resolved this problem by upgrading vim to 8.2 – Leo Simon Jan 22 at 15:17

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