I used :term to open a new integrated split terminal window. The problem is, using :! <cmd> opens a new buffer which takes the entire screen, runs the shell command, then waits for me to press any key.

Is there any way I can send a command directly to the terminal without having to switch focus to it?


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:! runs the command in a (usually non-interactive) shell. See chapter 21 of the user manual and :h :! for more information.

This is different to :term which runs an interactive terminal in a vim window. This is a relative new feature which vim needs to have been compiled with, the details of which can be found at :h terminal. If you want to type in the terminal window without switching to it then term_sendkeys() may be useful.

  • I was hoping it would be slightly more approachable. I settled to use neoterm instead.
    – daedsidog
    Commented Jan 17, 2021 at 22:56

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