The file index.txt is claiming to be a list of all commands, but some keyboard shortcuts are listed on other files and not here. And sometimes, the definition is a bit different in other files. Are they errors, or is there a reason like backward compatibility? If someone knows a more complete shortcuts list, it can also help me.

The main missing / different shortcuts I found are :

  • The shortcuts [M and ]M with a capital M are listed in motion.txt but are not in indext.txt.
    index.txt contains only those with small m.
  • The shortcut ]m has a different meaning: "cursor N times forward to end of member function" in index.txt,
    and "Go to [count] next start of a method…" in motion.txt.
  • The shortcuts [S and ]S with a capital S are listed in spell.txt but are not in index.txt.
  • zg and zG has the same definition in index.txt but different definitions in spell.txt.
    zb and zB has the same problem.
  • v_CTRL-A and v_g_CTRL-A has the same definition in index.txt but different in change.txt.
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    It seems unlikely to be an oversight given that there's a general theme: don't show the upper-case versions in the index. That being said it doesn't seem very user-friendly. You could report it. BTW, in my index.txt I have zg and zug the latter of which says "undo zg" plus zG and zuG ("undo zG"). And I don't see v_CTRL-A or v_g_CTRL-A as having different definitions...the index.txt text is just abbreviated (perhaps not ideally, though). One shouldn't use the index as the authoritative documentation..it's a cheat sheet basically (with tag links to the main docs).
    – B Layer
    Jan 16 '21 at 9:26
  • For zug and zuG, I will assume it's my mistake as long as they currently are in official repo in index.txt. But v_CTRL-A and v_g_CTRL-A also are, respectively on line 904 and 970 : the first command adds 1 to every line, the second adds 1 to first line, 2 to second line, 3 to third line and so on. If the index isn't the authoritative documentation, is there one? or is there any more complete list? Jan 19 '21 at 11:01
  • v_CTRL-A and v_g_CTRL-A both increment a single number by N (aka {count}). The index is accurate in that respect. The functionality you're referring to is for selection of multiple numbers. Due to its abbreviated form, the index, wisely or not, doesn't include that variation. Regarding authoritative documentation, as is usually the case there is just one and that's the primary help entries. IOW, there's no authoritative index. If there's an unofficial but arguably better index out there I've not seen it myself.
    – B Layer
    Jan 19 '21 at 18:50

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