Some text file contains lots of hex strings, a same string presents multiple times in two formats like:

00000000 aa bb cc 25 41 f3 d9 ed 58 5c ed a0 3c 61 60 ce ...%A...X..<a`.



When I search the string, I have to search twice, first for aa bb cc, and then search for aabbcc. Is it possible to search once, that would highlight both with-space and none-space strings? And press N to jump through these results just like normal search?

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    Have you ever heard of regular expressions?
    – Matt
    Jan 13, 2021 at 12:50

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:help / should get you to :help pattern, from which you can learn all about vim’s syntax for patterns. Since they can used in more places than just /, it’s worth an initial read.

In your case, one option is /\vaa ?bb ?cc

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