I am using neovim-qt for typescript react development. From last week I am configuring my neovim. I have configured coc.nvim which is giving pretty good autocompletion. I wanted to add icons for completion item kind. I did that setting suggest.completionItemKindLabels in CocConfig. The icons are showing fine. The only thing now I want is to add custom color to each icon. For now they are just showing same as the color of autocomplete text.

Is this something to do with colorscheme. I am using gruvbox.

  "suggest.completionItemKindLabels": {
    "variable": "\uf71b",
    "constant": "\uf8ff",
    "struct": "\ufb44",
    "class": "\uf0e8",
    "interface": "\ufa52",
    "text": "\ue612",
    "enum": "\uf435",
    "enumMember": "\uf02b",
    "color": "\ue22b",
    "property": "\ufab6",
    "field": "\uf93d",
    "unit": "\uf475",
    "file": "\uf471",
    "value": "\uf8a3",
    "event": "\ufacd",
    "folder": "\uf115",
    "keyword": "\uf893",
    "snippet": "\uf64d",
    "operator": "\uf915",
    "reference": "\uf87a",
    "typeParameter": "\uf278",
    "default": "\uf29c"

For now icons are just showing as

enter image description here

Note: I am using webdevicons and also install nerd font on my system. The icons in explorer are colored but inside editor they are not.

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